Welcome to The Conch Associates
  Technical Support for your business or
personal computers and network
  Conch Associates is an established
Cincinnati computer company that supports
your small business and home personal computers and computer network.
Call for a free phone consultation and estimate or e-mail us.
We are available days, evenings, and weekends.
Our rates are comparable to those charged by your auto mechanic. All work is guaranteed.
  For more information and to schedule a no-cost phone consultation and estimate, call or email.
  6851 Steger Drive
Cincinnati OH 45237
  As the principle behind The Conch Associates, I have been a computer analyst / programmer for over 30 years and was also the co-owner of Cincinnati's first computer store in 1976.
We specialize in all Microsoft operating systems, including the new Windows 7
• Troubleshoot all of your computer hardware, software and printer problems
• Get your computer to run fast again
• Set up your wired and wireless network
• Share files and printers between computers
• Install Windows upgrades
• Install all of your software applications and upgrades
• Remove all viruses and spyware
• Set up automatic backups of your critical data
• Recover damaged or lost data
• Set up Excel spreadsheets and macros
• Design and implement databases
  A small business needed a reliable way to share files and printer resources. We were able to provide them a cost effective solution. A small job placement firm needed a way to track both applicants and openings. We designed a complete database solution for them.   Another business user was infected by one of the fake antivirus "extortion ware" applications. We were able to restore the machine to a healthy state.
  • Over 30 years of software and hardware experience.
• As a Microsoft Solution Provider, a vast library of troubleshooting tools and solutions.
• A proven methodology of through diagnosis and careful implementation with an eye on preservation of data at every stage.